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With each man carrying a single white rose, tied with a blue ribbon, the University of Connecticut football team walked into a church in Jasper Howard's hometown of Miami. Early Monday morning, the entire UConn football team boarded buses to start their journey to bury fellow player and classmate, Jasper Howard.

It was clear as players edm chat room just before 5 a.

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None felt like talking as they grabbed some breakfast and boarded three buses headed for Bradley airport. Coach Edsall would meet them there to travel the rest of the way to Miami, where Jasper Howard grew up and will be buried.

On Saturday, the band played as the buses carrying the UConn Huskies pulled into campus after a long day in West Virginia. The team played its first game since the tragic death of their teammate, Jasper Howard.

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Howard was stabbed to death in front of the student union early on October Police have not yet charged anyone the park chat room the stabbing. You can watch funeral services from New Birth Baptist Church here at 11 a.

So when the Huskies took the field in West Virginia, they also had dozens of their fellow students cheering them on back home in the UConn Student Union. Two posters with Howard's adult chat pad stood beside the screen.

The unity free party chat rooms at UConn has increased dramatically in the past week, and it's been incredible to see the school come together like that," said Peter Gaibrois, a student at UConn. Students say this was more than a football game, this was a way to honor Howard, the man who put his heart into Husky football.

They say this season will be different for the team. They'll now be playing for something more than the win.

UConn students say it doesn't matter that the Huskies lost this game. They are so proud of the team for getting out there and fighting and playing to honor Jasper Howard.

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