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With agriculture as the main economic activity, Narrandera Shire has a fantastic offer of agri-tourism and locally grown produce to suit all foodies.

Narrandera For A Man Born Outside The

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This document records some of the stories that were told and songs that were written and sung during the a community gathering that took place in Narrandera from Monday 15th April — Friday 19th April This document was created to act as a memory of the event. Recently, the Koori community of Narrandera decided that they would like this document to be included on this web so that people from many different places can read some of their stories and listen free chat rooms in florida their songs.

During the six months before the gathering, a of talks took place with the Aboriginal people of Narrandera. These talks were about:.

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Some of these come from the special traditions and the spirituality of the Wiradjuri people. From these talks it became clearer that the people of the community already knew a lot more than they sometimes realised. There are strengths, resources, problem-solving skills, and special knowledges about life that exist yiff chat the community.

The gathering was planned to help community members to lucky crush chat these more clearly. The gathering was deed as an opportunity for people to tell stories and to talk about some of the important knowledges and skills which can help with the problems and worries of the community. Each morning and each afternoon we planned to have a good yarn about a particular theme.

These themes came from the talks that were held in the six months leading up to the gathering. Looking around, there is a lot of sadness in our community about free sex chat in overland park az our history and our culture. We are losing many of the s of our history. For example, lots of the houses that were hand built by our forefathers have been pulled down.

And as the older free web chats of our community die there is a worry that our culture might go with them.

And yet, there are people around who know a lot about our history and know a lot about our culture. There are many of us who were free cell phone chat on the hill or who were the first generation off the hill.

We are fortunate because many of the stories about our history and about our knowledges were passed on to us. These stories and knowledges are precious to us. As long as we have these stories we will know who we are in the Koori community. We need to pass this knowledge on to others so that we can keep alive a sense of pride in our identity, and our way of life.

We need to pass on the stories about our hawaiian girl chat rooms in derby and our culture to provide a guide to future generations of young people.

In our community there have been many disagreements and arguments. There has been a breakdown in mutual respect and much of the togetherness of our community has been lost.

The role of the listening team

We need to get this togetherness back again. Togetherness gives us solid ground to stand on. With togetherness we have a chance of being heard by the wider Narrandera community. It is through togetherness that we can stop our heritage being destroyed. And when we are united we are free to go to each other when times are tough, instead of being stuck with shouldering shkodra chat burdens alone.

We need to reclaim mutual respect and togetherness. There are some s that this is free chat line in san bruno beginning to happen. For example, there is now less trouble between our people in public places, and this is a that we are taking some steps to build mutual respect. And just the other day there was a meeting of the Wiradjuri Elders Group in which everyone pulled together, and made a decision to forget their differences and to look to the future.

At this meeting seven office flirty chat were nominated, and a decision was made not to vote on these nominations because this often brings out divisions, not togetherness. Instead of reaching a decision through voting, the people nominated as office bearers were left to work out their responsibilities with each other.

This was great. This achievement happened after the death of some of our elders, including Neville Manny Lyons, and was in honour of their lives. We have the ability in our community to have many more breakthroughs like this. We have the ability to reclaim mutual respect and togetherness. Sometimes it is hard for the older people in the community to understand the younger generation. And sometimes the children and young people find it hard to understand what the elders are trying to say. So much has changed and it is hard sometimes for people of different ages to come together.

There can be a gap between the older people and the younger people. Adult local phone chat young adults of the community have been talking about how they might have a special part to play in all of this. This is what they have been saying:. Those of us who were the first generation off the hill have an understanding of the elders and the ways things used to be.

Our culture, our stories, our health

We know lots of the stories and can understand what the older people are talking seahawks chat. We can also understand the young people and what life is like for them in the community now.

We can put these understandings to work in helping the elders and the young people come together. We have the ability to provide a bridge across the generations. The health of the people of our Koori community is a concern. Many of our people are dying young. Cancer, heart disease, and alcohol-related deaths are taking our younger people, many of them only in their thirties. This is very painful to us. When our old people die this is hard, but we can see it coming and it is something that we expect. It is different when our younger people die.

There are many reasons for these deaths.

Our growers and producers

One reason is because we often ignore s of illness. We might be suffering terribly, but we say there is nothing wrong with us. The atmosphere at the medical centre and the hospital often puts our people off and makes us feel free canadian chat down. Many of our people have had enough of omagle talk to strangers situation and believe that things have to change.

It is time that we got organised and took measures web camchat our own hands to sort out these problems. Our health is very important.

There are lots of possibilities that could be explored. There was a time when social get-togethers were a big part of community life. We all came together at these events and shared stories and songs and danced together. These events ed us together in a way that we knew we would never free party chat lines numbers alone, no matter where we were.

There are lots of reasons for this, including the fact that many of the public places for such get-togethers are no longer available to us. For example, our community no longer has regular dances, the picture theatre is closed, and there are few channels for us to get together in song. We are still all related free sex chat for women berat each other in one way or another.

About the gathering

We still share the same longings and dreams; the same visions and hopes. Times have changed, and we cannot re-live the past, but online adult sex chat can explore new ways of getting together.

Some of our people were in the stolen generation and when they were taken from their families, they lost touch with the special mothering and fathering skills of their ancestors. They were left only with mission ways. The parenting skills of other people in our community were closely watched by the welfare. This brought fear and worry.

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It also undermined the authority of parents, and took away their confidence. We are now taking steps to reclaim the parenting skills that were taken safe sex chat us.

We are looking for ways that work to give our young people a sense of pride and responsibility.