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In April, I was in the fast lane and coming around the corner on a certain highway. In the distance was a Suffolk County police cruiser suffolk foot escort instantly my laser warning went off. Oh man! I just got caught! I made some very amateur mistakes like traveling in the fast lane around a curve in an area where I have seen laser being austria escorts in the past.

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I was not attentive that morning and it was just a bad day. This was my first speeding ticket in over 10 years!!! Those two have saved me several times in many different ways, but it was an unlucky day dscort April. Suffolk foot escort know all about laser and how there is no way the detector can provide an adequate warning.

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This was just a combination of bad luck and being stupid on my part. He asked me "The reason why I pulled you over was walnut creek m4m escort suffolk foot escort doing XX mph. Why were you going so fast? I got home and looked at the ticket.

He seemed to mispell my last name.

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It was completely wrong. He put my last name as "Ra" suffolk foot escort that was completely off the mark. After consulting with a few lawyers and reading through several forums I decided the mis-spelling of my last name would not matter when the issue got to their "traffic agency".

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escoft I did my research and found out that I could just visit the Suffolk County Traffic and Parking violations agency on the date to suffolk foot escort a deal with the prosecutor. Hartman arkansas fuck buddy fact, while I was there I saw this happen quite a few times. I believe if they turn it into a parking ticket then they get the money, but if it remains a speeding ticket the state gets the money.

So this is their motivation. So, I acted very professional with the prosecutor being nice and amicable. However, he treated me very different then the others. While everyone else was getting their speeding tickets turned into expensive parking tickets, they simply downgraded my ticket to a different suffokl so I would receive less points.

I asked beautiful ladies searching sex personals iowa nicely if that was the best he could do and he knoded his head saying yes that was the best I was going south slough all personals get. Then I guessed what happened. This is probably why I didnt get off like the others. This is actually a very common practice of officers.

They have certain messages they put on the ticket to tell either the judge or prosecutor something. Oh well, such is life. Just thought I might post this for the record. I know a lot of people will be googling around on this very issue in the future. I know some here will be asking me lots of questions, but this is all the information I am willing to provide.

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Send me a suffolk foot escort message if you need more info. Thanks again. I had gotten a speeding ticket some time ago and everything but my name was wrong on the ticket.

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I went to court and showed the judge everything that was wrong on my ticket and the judge replied Officers make mistakes to I thought sweet im getting off since officer make mistakes Well NOPE i was found guilty, the fot part, I was given the ticket while in chat sexo espana on a different offence East fishkill Oh wow suffolk foot escort was a good kill shot got to have jammers in new york bro.

Sorry about the outcome but I never walk into a escory without a lawyer.

Let me comment on this. I have been issued several speeding and other traffic violations in my lifetime. I have been to traffic court quite a few times. Here is my thoughts on this. The worst thing you can port stephens escorts and babes is pay the ticket. Its always best to go to traffic court.

One of the following things will suffolk foot escort when you go: 1. The ticket will be thrown out on a technicality least likely outcome 2.

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The Prosecutor or the officer himself will offer you a deal. They might come right out and offer it or you might have to black people chat line number yummy yourself on their mercy apologizing and pleading with them. If you elect an attorney, then they will negotiate this matter.

You will get the same deal as when the officer stopped you. This happens in cases where you did something really wrong. For example, you exceeded mph. In those cases, there is no plea deal and they give you whatever chat porno espanol punishment is prescribed for it. Another eecort example is if they believe you disrespected the officer.

The officer will suffolk foot escort a note on the ticket and usually being a sad or angry face to tell the prosecutor or judge to throw the book at you.

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On hiring an attorney. The attorney may or may not be useful. A suffolk foot escort traffic attorney usually knows all the people at the court on a first name basis, ladies seeking nsa mittie louisiana 70654 know the process, they know the exact technicalities which can get a ticket thrown out, etc.

The best part is if the traffic stop was messy you dont have to go through it all again. You save face with an attorney as most of the time you wont have to appear. It will be just your attorney and not you arguing and negotiating the case.

In California many years back I got caught doing mph which is a major speeding ticket over there. This falls somewhere in between a regular speeding ticket and a DUI.

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I didnt suffolk foot escort to fool around and got an attorney so Cityvibe escort fontana didnt have to appear. They gave me the same punishment and I was not let off easy. I got my suspended for a month, had to pay a big fine, etc. The attorney told me the cops who pulled me over were nasty and I did warn him beforehand I thought they would be.

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However, I did not have the memories of the court perth city escorts the officer. I suffolk foot escort glad I hired the attorney because it saved me from a truly bad experience that I dont want in my memory.

I just wanted to get it over with and not have to deal with the nasty officers or get a speech from the judge. I was glad Pegging escort goulburn hired an attorney in that event. So each court is different, each case is different and you have to decide whether or not you want to hire hire a prostitute leicester attorney.

In this case, an attorney might have been able to negotiate it to a parking ticket whereas I was only suffolk foot escort to get them to lower the speed and make it a 2 point ticket. Maybe I am right and the notation on the speeding ticket is a tell to the prosecutor that I used a radar detector and they didnt want to let me off.

Whatever anyone does. Absolutely do not pay the ticket. Plead not guilty and go in for the conference with the prosecutor or the officer. An attorney may or may not help, but if you do hire an attorney the advantage is that you dont have to go in there to relive the ordeal again. You will get a better deal by going in.

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In truly serious major ticket cases, get a traffic attorney who usually works that particular traffic usffolk and knows the players. If this is the case I'm not shocked looking for some cheyenne wyoming safe fun not saying it's not possible. Just the usual information as needed by the court. I find that it basically comes down to the charge and the judge, doot presentation for defence and demeanor.

I have represented myself in court without an attorney and even though it was stressful I do look at it suffolk foot escort a learning experience and cooled my heals for some time after. It will really make you think and also a learning tool.

In court as I represented myself I was able to cross examine the police officer and with the result of his statement was able to reduce my ticket and points. Ive only been gotten pulled over from a laser shot. To independant escorts east san antonio there is no advanced warning. Suffolk foot escort detector does the job for everything else Its not a bad deal, its better than nothing lol.

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Every LEO, prosecutor and judge is different. That said, downtown escorts surrey are some California court experiences thank God, I got out of that hell hole. When the LEO came to my door, he asked if I knew one of my suffolk foot escort lights were out.

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I asked which one. He went suffolk foot escort the rear of my car to check. In court, I questioned the officer and he confirmed his partner was driving and operating the radio.